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About Mooi

Smile with Confident

Whiten & Brighten your smile in 16 mins

Step 1 :

Carefully apply

gel onto the

mouth tray or

directly on to

your teeth 

Step 2 :

Place mouth tray

into your mouth

and bite firmly



Step 3 :

Plug the USB

into your mobile

device and

wait 16mins! 


Was not a fan of home teeth whitening kit since the first one that i bought was a waste of money as it did not have any significant result and even caused me sensitivity. Saw Mooi on Straits Times recently and decided to give it another try since its pretty affordable. And within just one use, i could tell a visible difference and i am already on my 7th day and i can say for sure it works! (...)

- Yuanpting, Facebook review

I personally love to drink coffee, 2 to 3 cups a day. After i tried the mooi kit, my coffee stained teeth became so much whiter. Highly recommend for coffee drinkers like myself. 

- John

It's my first home teeth whitening kit and I was really sceptical if it's able to lighten tobacco stains. However, I'm pleased to say that just after 3 days of use my teeth were so much whiter. *applied gel directly to teeth. I don't have perfectly straight teeth, but the soft tray still fits pretty comfortably, really liked the auto-shut function too. (...)

- Matt, Facebook Review

I achieved this results after only 5 days of using Mooi. It is so easy and convenient ! No issues with sensitivity.

- May

My girlfriend ask me to try this teeth whitening kit, i was skeptical at first. But after a week of this treatment, the results are amazing. Now she'll be happier to kiss me.

- Ben