Mooi Teeth Whitening Information Page

Product information:


A 16 min a day teeth whitening home treatment that gives you a Mooi smile.

See results in 7 days. Our gentle and effective whitening formula does not cause sensitivity. 

Mooi teeth whitening kit is formulated in USA, Product of Singapore, and assembled in China with strict quality control

Mooi is SGS certified, Halal certified, GMP certified, and HSA notified in Singapore.

It is peroxide-free so use it with confidence.

Full Ingredient List

Sodium bicarbonate 
Propylene glycol 
Xanthan gum
Sodium citrate
Sodium phytate 
Carob gum 
Salicylic acid 
Sodium silicate 
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate

Whiten & Brighten your smile in 16 mins

Step 1 :

Carefully apply

gel onto the

mouth tray or

directly on to

your teeth 

Step 2 :

Place mouth tray

into your mouth

and bite firmly



Step 3 :

Plug the USB

into your mobile

device and

wait 16mins!